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Good afternoon Pre- Kindergarten friends and families 😊

What an amazing way to finish off our week with the wonderful children of Pre Kindy. It was a lovely group of children who were sharing and being kind to one another. This morning we made use of the sunny day, having a big play outside. The group were especially interested in the slide this morning, racing down and climbing back up the net of the fort to do it all again. Ellie was encouraging Maia to go down the slide who was feeling a bit nervous. “It’s not scary” said Ellie. Miss TJ held onto Maia’s hand and slowly guided her down the slide. We could not wipe the smile off Maia’s face once she had down it. She even wanted to go again and this time by herself. Hendrix and Harley were enjoying the bikes, riding them around the yard. Miss TJ asked the children what they loved about their Mummy’s and took a video of their responses which you can see below.

Once inside we sat down for group time where Hendrix picked the story ‘Thank you for being my friends’ to read. It was a very cute story about a teddy that is scared of the monsters in the dark and he finds a friend who helps him realise that the monsters were just pieces of furniture. The class loved the story and were sharing their stories on how monsters are not real and that you do not need to be afraid of the dark. Kaylee grabbed some of the bamboo sticks and started to play music. Her friends soon joined her so we decided to play some nursery rhymes while clapping the bamboo sticks together to the beat just like clap sticks.

Pre Kindy were excited to play with playdough at activity time. We firstly spoke about how we were all going to have our own playdough and that we couldn’t mix and share our dough around for hygiene reasons. We grabbed scissors, rolling pins and other playdough tools to use while moulding. The group were engaged in the playdough play for about 40 minutes, really enjoying manipulating the dough and experimenting with it.

The children then slowly made their way over to the office play set up with keyboards, phones and a note pad. We placed this experience out again today since the children had so much fun with it on Wednesday and it is great to build on their communication and language skills with each other. Lastly the children were invited to make Mother’s Day cards which they will take home this afternoon. Let me just say that they are so cute and the children put so much effort into them.

Hope everyone has a lovely and safe weekend.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you amazing Mother’s out there 😊

Miss TJ x