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Happy Friday Families, we had a great end to our week.

Harper started activity time by engaging at the drawing with Charlotte and Amelia, she then moved along to the mat area where she discovered the dinosaurs with Bjorn. Once Amelia had finished at the drawing table she popped her picture in her bag and made her way over to the construction and transport area. Amelia approached Cohen and he shared his cars with her. Amelia, Cohen and Vaughan raced the cars on the roads placed on the shelf and wall.

Chanel was busy making coffees, she had sat the dolls at the table and was carefully making them each a coffee. Once Vaughan had finished racing his cars around he joined Chanel. Vaughan assisted Chanel with making more coffee every time the dolls were ready for another one.

Ariana and Romney were content as they investigated our new sensory bottles. Together they sat in our new calm corner comparing each sensory bottle. Conall was occupied with the truck and cars, he drove the truck around the room using the small investigation table as a tunnel. He would then park the truck and unload the cars, Harry Joined in and together they raced the cars before loading them back onto the truck.

We soon made our way back outside after applying suncream and popping on our hats. The children engaged so nicely in the outdoor environment, we set minimal activities out to let the children use their imaginations and give them the opportunity to not only initiate play but think about the experiences they would really like to engage in. over on the paved area we placed down a round blue and black outdoor mat, on top of the mat was the train set. We set up and small section and let the children add to it. In the bark area were the diggers, excavators and hard hats, the children were able to role play while exploring in a sensory experience, using the equipment to transfer the bark.

The large wooden blocks sat on the large red and black square rug, under the shade of a tree. we also experienced the swing, slides, monkey bars, bikes and small cube blocks.

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany