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Good Afternoon

Pre-Kindy had a delicious yogurt, muesli and fruit morning tea before joining on the mat to share with each other stories about our weekends. Our friend Emerson was excited to share his two stories from home called. ‘Awesome Ambulances’ and ‘Patrolling Police Cars’. Thank you for sharing Emerson, this was a perfect extension off our visit from two Police officers last Thursday as they were across the road. We spoke about the letter P for Police and how to make the sound “P”. Transitioning to our activities the children had a go at writing the letter P on the chalk board which they all did such a great job. We were blown away!

The group chose to bring out the shape magnets, borrow Mr Andrew’s Lego, painting which Miss Lynn organised a wooden stamping experience and the farm animals small world play. They also gathered in the home corner using their imagination and collaboration skills to come up with a story and game together. They had fun playing with the piano and also watching a Blippi clip where he visits a police department and showed us some of the cool parts inside the police car.

We are super excited to have our friend Jaxon back at kindy who asked if we could play with the car set. The children all agreed as the cars are one of their favourite experiences here in Pre Kindy. We made a car track out of tape and a black marker, making a town. The children pushed the cars along the track and did a great job at taking turns and communicating well.

Thank you to Miss Hayley who always provides an engaging and exciting Yoga lesson on Mondays. The children always involve themselves and love the challenges.

Hope you all have a wonderful start to the week,

Love TJ and Lyn xx