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Happy Monday 😊

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend enjoying the amazing weather that we have been having. Today the Pre-Kindergarten group were enthusiastic coming into kindy to start the day. This morning we had a blast exploring the yard with our friends after making sure that we had our hats and sunscreen on!

Our group time involved singing along to ‘Wind the bobbin up’, ‘Days of the week’ and ‘Where is thumbkin?’ which are our favourite songs at the moment. Our friend Emerson then shared his weekend adventure to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary with his family. Sounds like you had a great time Emerson visiting all of the amazing wildlife. This week we are also celebrating BOOK WEEK at Riversdale. Your child is welcome to bring in a book to share this week or dress up as one of their favourite book characters. This morning we read ‘Wombat Stew’ which was chosen by Miss TJ as we thought that it would be a great extension experience to extend on the children’s interest with our senses and messy water/mud play. The children loved the story and were saying that they wanted to make their own stew to warn off any mean dingos!

During activity time we enjoyed playdough with cupcake holders, rocks and scissors where the children were using their creativity to make their own wombat stew with the resources in front of them. Milly asked if we could do painting today so we brought out all the paint colours and thin brushes to focus on fine motor skills. Their paintings are amazing and are going to look fantastic hanging up in the classroom. The children also chose to play in the home corner, building with the large blocks and small animals and counters and building with the shape magnets.

We then took a small group who were wanting to play outside to the shaded back corner of the yard to make our very own wombat stew using things like feathers, leaves, bark, water, sand and sticks that we collected. The children experimented with the items and made delicious stew for the dingos to eat!

Yoga with Miss Hayley was a great way to calm our bodies before lunch and a rest. 😊

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ, Miss Lyn and Miss Jade