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Welcome to Monday

This morning we came together on the mat to share our weekend stories and sing along to our morning song, ‘Hello’. We collaborated with the children to decide on the experiences for the day. A few friends mentioned that they would like to play with the cars on the big car town mat and some suggested drawing with our special pens. We also grabbed some paints and various types of painting tools such as brushes, sponges and rolling sponges. The children loved using these different painting tools to create different shapes and patterns on their page.

Miss TJ also invited the children to participate in a sensory touch and feel game where they took their shoes off and walked through a number of buckets filled with different materials and sensory feels such as rocks, grass, foam, wet cloth and straw. This was an extension off our learning on the 5 different senses. Pre-Kindy loved this extension and feeling the different textures between their toes. We loved hearing about how it felt. It was so lovely to see the children engaged in the activities and playing so kindly with each other.

We had a great time at Yoga with Miss Hayley. The children LOVE it when Miss Hayley uses a special instrument that makes a bird sound. They laid down calmly listening to the amazing sound, practiced a few yoga positions and their breathing. We had a bit of energy after our lesson to let out so we went for a run before Miss Lyn read us one of her special stories before we got ready for lunch and a rest.

Lots of love,

Miss TJ and Miss Lyn xx