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Welcome to Monday’s Blog

Hope you all had a lovely weekend 😊 For our group time this morning we joined together to sing ‘Colours of Australia’, firstly breaking down the lyrics and learning the first verse and the chorus. The class really love singing along to this song and doing the actions. They especially love holding their friend’s hands. Since the group have shown an interest in Fairy Tale stories, we decided to read new Fairy Tale which we don’t know as well called ‘Rumplestiltskin’ which the children sat beautifully engaged with Miss TJ telling the story. They all giggled when Miss TJ used higher and deeper voices for each character.

Activity time was lots of fun. Milly helped Miss Jade choose the farm animals and coloured counters pattern matching game for two of the tables. We continued sorting recycled and garbage items with the cut and paste activity sheet  with Miss TJ helping the children with their questions on what can be recycled and Miss Jade engaged with the children at the tracing shapes activity sheet which the children have been practicing over the past week. Tracing is great for our pencil control and it has been great to practice our pencil grip hold too. We named all the shapes while tracing and then some children chose to colour in the shapes. Pre Kindy also enjoyed the cars with the car mat (chosen by Tanner) and role playing in our home corner which was very inviting for the children as a few things have been moved around to create a more warm and welcoming environment. We also grabbed the keyboards, phones and note pads for the children to role play.

We then headed outside for a run around before lunch. We extended off Ellie and Marlie’s beautiful singing this morning outside when they arrived to kindy, singing ‘Into the Unknown’ from Frozen 2. We played the whole Frozen 2 soundtrack outside for the girls and a few other friends to join in and show off their amazing singing skills. A few friends also worked together to create a cubby house out of blocks being so kind to invite friends into their creation.

Have a wonderful afternoon

Miss TJ and Miss Jade x