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 Good Afternoon and welcome to Monday’s Blog 🙂

Today in Pre-Kindergarten, we spent our day as Mr Pete prepares a fence outside in the yard and because of the hot weather we are having. During our morning group time, we spoke about the importance of drinking water as a group. The children shared their views and stories of why they think it is important. During our morning play Ellie and Kaylee were talking about a Ariel (The little mermaid) so Miss TJ played a few hit songs from the movie. Miss Lyn then decided to read another other book for our group time which extends off all of our sea creatures/mermaids interest lately. The book was called ‘Jolly Olly Octopus’.

To further extend on the story the children participated in water colour painting of their interpretation of “Under the sea”. Pre-K chose some experiences to explore during activity time. They chose magnetic shapes, stickle bricks, role playing in the home corner/hair salon and of course, the cars.

At 11 we had our Yoga lesson with Miss Hayley which was a perfect end to our morning. Clearing our minds, getting rid of our monsters and relaxing our bodies in preparation of lunch time and a resting period.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends 🙂

Miss TJ and Miss Lyn