Welcome to Monday and another week here at Riversdale 😊

Can you believe that it is already the middle of October! Our little ones have come so far this year.

This morning I could observe the children in all of their little friendship groups, playing kindly and communicating well with each other when role playing games out in the yard.

This week we are celebrating BOOK WEEK. We had a bit of a mix up last week but don’t you worry, you have not missed out on an opportunity to share your favourite books from home or dress up as your favourite character from a book. Today we had a few friends who were dressed for the occasion such as Milly was dressed as Thelma the Unicorn, Zane was dressed as Chase from his Paw Patrol story, Emerson was dressed up as an astronaut from his Space book and Joseph was dressed up in his Cars clothing from his favourite book from home on small tales from the movie Cars. India and Kaylee were both dressed up in their Disney Princess costumes from the stories of Cinderella and Elsa. Miss TJ was dressed as one of her favourite children’s book character, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We are looking forward to the rest of the week, seeing these awesome and absolutely adorable costumes continue. A few friends that brought in their stories for book week showed them off in front of the class and then through out the day we read all of them!

We had a lovely group time this morning singing along to our favourite songs and sharing stories of our weekend. The chidlren have enjoyed our little transition routine that we have been trying out lately where they individually come up to Miss TJ and choose to do high 5’s, hugs or fist bump! Miss TJ mostly received cuddly hugs 😊

We transitioned off to children’s choice of experiences around the room where they picked building with blocks, home corner imaginative play, farm animals on the small world table and connector blocks. We also set up a Halloween inspired drawing table with pictures of cartoon Halloween characters. It was a great challenge for the children to just give their drawing their best shot and express their creative sides. Our classroom is going to look very spooky and colourful for Halloween next week with all of these amazing pictures hanging up.

We then made our way under the fort into the sandpit for a play before climbing up to the top outside classroom for our Yoga lesson with Miss Hayley.

Hope you all have a great afternoon 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Lara