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This morning, we had outside play which involved bikes, kitchen area was a popular part of outside play today. We also had story time with miss Parminder in the morning.
During group time , we sang some songs and played the game in which we roll the dice and whatever comes on the dice we perform the action. Children really enjoyed, playing that game and we took turns and waited patiently.We set up the self potraits activity on the table and asked children if they would like to draw their own picture. This activity gave them an opportunity to think about themselves and creates a sense of belonging. Some of the children decided to paint today, so we used water colours and painted on the paper. Home corner was as always the fun and centre of attraction.

Yoga started again! We had our first yoga lesson of the year. Children participated in the activity with enthusiasm. It helps children to relax their body and mind. It was a great fun and action filled day today.

Have a good afternoon.

Amy and Parminder

d ay.