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Happy Monday, Happy 1st of June and Happy 1St day of WINTER!

This morning Mr Nick brought down a big water trough which we filled with bubbly water and ocean animals. The children made sure to keep their sleeves pulled up for them to dip their hands into the cool water. It was a very popular station to explore this morning! “Take a photo of me” said Ellie, Marlie, Milly and Zander while they hang out on the climbing rope. It was great to see the children eager to explore all areas of the yard this morning.

Since we were having so much fun enjoying the outdoors, we decided to have our classroom door open for the children to freely play inside or outside. Inside by the door the children engaged in a collage where they could cut, glue, decorate with different materials and draw over their page. They are absolutely loving the cut and paste experiences we have been doing over the past week so it was a great opportunity for the children to practice cutting with the scissors and using their creativity to collage their page. They were so proud of their achievement!

We invited the children over to observe their seeds that they planted last week to see if they noticed any change. We were so excited to see that the alfalfa seeds have grown stems and little leaves already and the broad beans have started to crack open, showing the roots and some starting a stem.

Outside the children continued to splash around in the water trough, role playing with the ocean animals and sliding them down the slides of the trough.  The group enjoyed playing games with each other and building strong relationships.

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ and Miss Otavia x