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Good afternoon parents and caregivers,

What a wonderful day we have had as we start a new month. Today we welcomed Miss Bek to the Pre Kindergarten, to join Miss Tiffany. We started the morning by combing with Senior Kindy in the senior kindy room, Harry, Wilder, Romney and Colton were busy exploring the dinosaurs, Harry cleverly named each kind of dinosaur, we may have a palaeontologist on our hands!

Soon it was time to pop on our suncream and hats and make our way to the outdoor environment, Madalyn made her way straight to the swing with Miss Tiffany, “I can swing myself higher” she said and she proudly displayed her gross motor skills. Colton, Harry, Romney, Wilder and Bjorn took turns racing the two bikes, they each took turns at riding and being a passenger on the back. Ryan and Chanel explored the outdoor classroom and were busy racing down the spiral slides.

We then lined up at the bathroom door to wash our hands as we transitioned to the indoor environment for group time and morning tea. During group time Miss Bek taught the class the 5 star listener song, before reciting the indigenous acknowledgment and initiating a group discussion about activities the children would like to explore today. here are their responses:
Wilder – Blocks
Skylah – Something different, Dinosaurs
Chanel – Pink painting and drawing
Harrison – Books

During activity time Harrison, Wilder, Chanel, Bjorn, Romney, Harry and Colton made paper planes, we took them outside to race them it was so much fun. They used coloured pencils to decorate white A4 paper before seeking assistance from an educator to manipulate the paper into paper planes. Ariana, Skylah and Madalyn were focused on construction using the lego and magnetic blocks to get creative with Miss Tiffany.

Romney came across the dolls house sitting on the smaller square table in the centre of the room, he then remodelled the doll house interior but rearranging the furniture. Harrison and Wilder made their way to the drawing table, Wilder was proud of his “circle” drawing while Harrison drew a “special picture for mum”.¬†Ryan and Madalyn got busy exploring the rubber band boards, making pictures as they attached the rubber bands.

We’ve had such a fantastic day today, we can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow!

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany.