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Welcome to Monday’s Blog

The Pre-K children were hard at work this morning, experimenting with the bark, water and sand over by the kitchen which was a lovely spot to play under the shade of the tree. This morning I observed that the children were doing a lot of team work experiences where they worked together on a game or to complete a task. They are become so great at communicating with each other and involving everyone in play. This is something we have been working on with everyone, RESPECTing each other.

Thank you to our friend, Joseph for bringing in a story called, Play. For group time we learnt a song called Days of the week which helps us to know what day it is today, yesterday and tomorrow, we also read Joey’s story and then flicked through a PowerPoint with Miss TJ about the 5 SENSES. We will continue to explore our sense this week as the children are really enjoying the touch and feel, tasting and listening experiences we have done so far.

To extend off our senses the children were invited to do a cut and paste activity where they needed to cut out the sense symbols such as ears, eyes, nose, hands, mouth which represent the senses and match them with the pictures of people either smelling, tasting etc. They all did an amazing job at matching up the correct pictures and we were blown away by how great their cutting skills are. Milly chose to bring out the farm animals onto the big table. We added straw as the hay and the small rocks sensory tub to explore different textures. Kaylee asked for painting, so Miss Jade brought out paints and sponges for something a little different. A few friends ran over to the big mat to play with the cars and other over to the home corner area. We have noticed a few friends bringing items out of home corner over to the tables so we thought this week we shall expand our home corner to fit a table into it. Our friend Ivy brought in a special glove that you wear and dip into a bucket of bubbles to then wave around for bubbles to come out. What a great toy Ivy! Thank you for sharing with your friends. We LOVE bubbles!

A nice big play outside was the perfect end to our morning before making our own beds, eating some delicious sushi style lunch and enjoying a much needed rest after our weekend.

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone,

Miss TJ and Miss Jade xx