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Good Afternoon Families,

The children began the morning in the outdoor environment; they assisted the educators with the setup of the yard by selecting a variety of equipment they wished to be available in the space. This included balls, bicycles, and climbing equipment. The educators extended on the interests demonstrated by suggesting ways in which the children could utilise the equipment for group play.
The climbing equipment switched between being a stage, an area to act-out cheeky monkey’s nursery rhyme, and also for climbing/jumping practice.
At group time we revised our behavioural recognition concepts (red/green choices) and practiced saying our class’s Acknowledgement of Country. Additionally, we counted how many friends were present using the rainbow counting stick and then read a story provided by Harrison.
This story illustrated different farm animals and presented the appropriate names of the father, mother and baby versions of the animal.
Indoors, the children participated in a playdough making activity. During this time the children practiced turn taking and measuring the quantities of the ingredients. The children also engaged in the process of mixing and kneading the dough together. This activity emphasised the use of their fine motor skills and team work.
At yarn time we showed

the children images of native Australian animals which became a game whereby the children performed actions that represented qualities of these animals. For example: Crocodile has a snapping jaw (the children clap their hands together). This activity aimed to develop the children’s active listening skills, as well as enhance group involvement by building the confidence of each individual child.
We also are encouraging the children to develop their own sense of agency through performing routine tasks independently. This includes self-serving food, cleaning/packing away toys, and preparing for rest time. The children are showing an eagerness to do these actions themselves, as well as help others – great to see!

Wishing you a lovely Monday and please remember that tomorrow is a Public Holiday.

Thanks – Miss Amy & Miss Jess