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Welcome to Monday the 25th of May

What an amazing day it was playing outside for the Pre Kindy children this morning. The beautiful blue sky and the cooler day provided us with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. This morning Mr Andrew engaged in a small group activity where the children practiced their cutting skills by focusing on cutting along a line. This was for some strips of paper for Kindergartens paper mache solar system that they are creating. It was great to see the Pre-Kindergarten children involving themselves in the experience. Over in the sandpit we added a bucket of water to a tray for the children to mix sand with to use for sandcastles. Tate used a dump truck to collect sand and dump it into the tray for the children to then mix together.

The class came inside for a group time with Miss TJ while Miss Otavia set up the experiences for the day. We sang our morning ‘Hello’ song to warm up our voices and bodies as we sing and do actions along to the words. It was so lovely to see everyone involving themselves in the song and saying good morning to each other. Our friend Asher asked very politely if we could do some more cutting when we head outside so Miss Otavia set up a table with pieces from a magazine and scissors. Outside the children enjoyed the challenge of the obstacle course that was set out- climbing over and balancing along trying not to touch the ground, role playing and creating stories in small groups and exploring the ocean animals over by the water pump area- filling up buckets and watering cans for the animals to swim in, down the stream.

We have got some exciting experiences planned over the coming weeks to extend on the children learning of ‘Saving Earth’. If you have any input towards activities or things your child would like to share on the topic of ‘ways to take care of our planet’ then please let us know.

Hope you all had a lovely start to the week. Enjoy your afternoon 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Otavia