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Happy Monday Everyone!

We hope you all had wonderful and safe weekends…especially after the big storms we have had.

Today we welcomed back a familiar face. Our friend Noah joined back with us after a big break from kindy. Noah was super ready and excited to see all his old friends and explore. Noah very confidentially stood up in front of the class to introduce himself. Our other friend Zane also came up to tell his friends that it was his 4th birthday today. Happy Birthday Zane 😊 We sang our hearts out to ‘Happy Birthday’ before Zane explained all the fun experiences, he had planned for us which were making cupcakes and a ‘Pass the Parcel’ game. Wahoo! The class jumped up with joy.

We were straight into our activities…washing hands before measure and mixing our ingredients for our delicious cupcakes. Miss TJ was extremely impressed with the children cracking the eggs perfectly into the bowls. I think we have some little chef’s in our classroom. Straight into the oven they went, and we waited ever so patiently for the cupcakes to bake. Miss Lyn took small groups over to a table to get create and paint pictures with water colour paints. This is something we have not done much this year and so it was super fun dipping our paint brushes into water and then watching the different shades of colour decorate our pages.  The children also chose some other experiences off the shelf such as Lego and cars, and enjoyed role playing in the home corner/salon station. It was then time to play our group Pass the Parcel game on the mat. Miss TJ firstly explained the rules of the game before we danced and passed the parcel around the circle while dancing along to Paw Patrol songs (Zane’s favourite). Everyone was very patient and were grateful to Zane when they received a little surprise in the parcel which were a small pack of lollies and stickers (we placed these in their bags to go home).

At 11am we had our Yoga lesson with Miss Hayley and then made our way outside to munch on our cupcakes which were beautiful. We bounced off our energy in the shaded sandpit before calming our bodies down, listening to Miss Lyn’s story.

Hope you all have a great afternoon 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Lyn xx