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Happy Monday 😊

Last day of November as tomorrow we will begin the count down to Christmas! The children all shared their stories of putting up the Christmas tree at home or they are waiting until the 1st of December to put them up.

This morning, the children were having fun at the mud kitchen under the big tree, climbing up the hill and sliding down and swinging together on the big swing. Once we came inside the Pre-K children made a circle on the mat so we could call out the role, sing along to ‘Taba Naba’ which was chosen by Ellie and ‘Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer’ chosen by Kaylee.

After morning tea the children enjoyed some quiet reading in groups or by themselves. We then transitioned off to activity time where the children chose activities off the shelves or joined in on the planned experiences which were painting for our Christmas presents and water colour painting. It was such a lovely play time!

Before lunch we had our Yoga lesson with Miss Hayley and a lovely play in the sandpit 😊

Hope you all have a wonderful day

Miss TJ and Miss Lyn xx