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Friends and Family from our lovely Pre-Kindergarten room

We had a wonderful day this Monday! Emerson shared news about his weekend using the ‘My Weekend’ form and even provided us with some photos of his adventures to Movie World and a friends Birthday party. Emerson showed off his awesome hat that he won at one of the games stands at Movie World.

Today at activity time the group participated in an extension activity from our learning of the traditional Aboriginal symbols. The children had a go at drawing some of the Aboriginal symbols, using the matching game card game that we played last week to copy off. The group were very curious as to what each symbol meant, asking Miss TJ what it represented. We are seriously blown away each day by the children’s amazing drawing skills. They were so proud of their end picture, full of symbols. They especially loved drawing the symbol that represents ants, flowers, seeds or eggs which looked like three small circles.

The group explored the classroom choosing activities off the shelf, placing them onto the table or mat to share with each other. They chose the magnet shapes, train set, puppets, home corner role playing and jamming out on the piano and other musical instruments. Miss Lyn invited the children over to complete their fathers/grandfathers/special friends gifts for Father’s Day this weekend.

We had a lovely time at Yoga, learning another new song this week and doing yoga poses along to ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ which the children loved the most as they new all the words along to the story.

What an amazing start to the week,

(sorry for the late post, Miss TJ forgot to click publish yesterday. Too busy getting cuddles from all of your beautiful children)

Enjoy your week

Miss TJ and Miss Lyn xx