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Happy Monday everyone

This morning the Pre-Kindy children had lots of fun completing the obstacle course. Testing their balancing skills and gross motor climbing up and down, balancing from one foot to the other and reaching for the stepping stones.  A few friends chose to ride around on the bikes, working on moving their legs building strength in their leg muscles and experimenting in the sand pit mixing water and sand together using the sandpit tools.

Our morning group time consisted of sharing stories about what we did over the weekend. Pre Kindy sat in a circle and then we went around sharing our weekend news. This was a great experience for the group as they were given the opportunity to share and talk in front of their friends building confidence! Sounds like a lot of us went to the beach. We then chose a couple of our favourite songs to sing before reading Kaylee’s Frozen story that she brought in to share.

We opened the door to our playground for the children to choose where they would like to explore. Inside Miss Lyn invited friends over to colour their very own binoculars that Miss Livia put together with a few friends last week. The challenge was to design their binoculars and then take them outside to investigate the yard, using their binoculars to find things. What a blast we had searching for birds in the sky and trees, observing people across the street and noticing things in our yard. The children were super enthusiastic about what they could see and couldn’t wait to make their binoculars to join their friends in the fun. A small group of children also participated in finger painting which Miss Lyn organised for the children as she knows how much they love their painting. Today was filled with many spontaneous experiences that the children chose to do which makes it so much fun when it is in their interest!

Yoga lesson: To finish off our morning we stretched our bodies like animals in Miss Hayley’s yoga story, learning a couple of new strengthening poses and singing and moving our bodies along to a few different songs.

Have a wonderful afternoon

Miss TJ and Miss Lyn xx