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What an amazing start to our year in the Pre-Kindergarten classroom. There were a few nervous friends when they came into kindy this morning as we have had a lovely break and it can always be a bit hard to come back. Although once we were in and we spotted a few friends and educators, we felt calm and happy to be back again.

This morning we played outside, enjoying some crayon drawing, climbing the fort, racing around on the bikes and exploring the vegetables that have grown and changed colour while we were on holidays. After a nice play we came inside for a welcome group time on the mat where the children introduced their names and said hello to their new classmates. Everyone said their name and Miss TJ and Miss Parminder were very impressed with how confident they all were. The children chose a few songs for us to sing along to and warm up our bodies and voices to. Miss TJ then read ‘Piranhas don’t eat bananas’ which gave us all a giggle.

During activity time the children were given the opportunity to explore their new classroom and become a bit more familiar with their environment. It was great observing the connections between the children already forming and also involving our new friend Georgina. Pre K were having fun with the cars and car town mat, painting with all of the colours of the rainbow, role playing characters in the home corner and with the animals.

We had another big play outside before lunch time and a rest so that we can let out some more energy!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

Miss TJ and Miss Parminder x