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Good Afternoon Families,

This morning the children were involved in an outdoor group time, which is part of our developing room routine for Pre-Kindergarten. This group time is a formal welcome to the children, as we perform roll call, sing greeting songs and practice counting how many friends are present for the day. The children are demonstrating a growing understanding of these routine elements, as they are beginning to predict what occurs during this time. Following this planned experience, the children engaged in a spontaneous story time whereby they books which focused on revising toileting habits.
Indoors, we began our Valentines Day craft. The children gathered together in small groups to create collage love-hearts. They used scissors to cut the craft paper and glue to paste it onto their pictures. Much enjoyment was expressed during this time as we began discussing what we love.
Our special recreational activity today was yoga with Miss Hayley. The children practiced stretching into various positions using a variety of interactive resources to assist them. Yoga time also revised and extended on our classroom learning relating to our “bubble breathing” technique. This technique is utilised for breathing deeply to help children develop self-regulation skills.
Tomorrow we will be continuing our Valentines Day themed activities.

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday! Hope you enjoy the photos.

Amy & Parminder