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 Welcome to Monday’s Blog 😊

Excited for another week at Kindy the Pre-Kindergarten children welcomed each other to kindy and were super excited when their friends arrived. This morning the children enjoyed helping Miss TJ make some more stress balls out of sand and balloons, playing a game of long jump with Mr Andrew jumping off the rock tunnel passed the line drawn in the sandpit. A group of children were having chats inside the tunnel of the hill and exploring the planned experiences set out for the day.

We then came inside and sat together on the mat to sing along to ‘Colours of Australia’, singing along with Miss TJ and copying some of the actions. We played the song twice, dancing and holding hands together. The song a great song about how no matter what colour you are we are all beautiful and stand together. Here’s the chorus of the song below and if you would like to play it at home you can search the title of youtube or google:

I see colours, colours everywhere!
The colours of Australia, the beauty we all share.
I see colours, colours everywhere!
So let’s hold hands and show we care.

Today is ‘WOLRD OCEAN DAY, which is a great reminder for everyone to take care of our ocean. Since we have been learning all about the ways to take care of the ocean and the environments around us, together as a group we had a discussion on the ways we can help. The children found themselves over by our ocean animal table where they role played stories of the animals in danger because of the rubbish and talked about the photos on display of ocean animals surrounded by creatures. Children’s voices during our group discussion and over by the ocean display table:

Arlo- Fishy got stuck on his fins. There’s a trolley in the water.

Emerson- It’s stuck on the turtle

Tate- How about this one Miss TJ. Its oil! Fishy gonna eat rubbish

Macy- I’m picking up the rubbish

Zander- Make signs and say put rubbish in the bins.

Milly- To pick up all the trash

Kaylee- Pick up the rubbish or them die

Ellie- Don’t put rubbish in the sea and don’t let animals eat it.

Asher- Make a sign. Put the sign in everyday. And every country

Tanner- We have to pick up rubbish and put it in the bin

Marlie- Turtles will eat the rubbish

Harley- Keep the animals safe. Pick all the rubbish.

This week we would like to focus on pencil grip and tracing along dotted lines, since the class have been showing interest in writing letters and their names. Tracing from left to right, top to bottom, or through jagged and curvy lines can help the children develop fine motor control when writing and drawing. Miss TJ also helped guide the children to practice the correct pencil grip when tracing. They loved tracing over the wiggly lines and shapes. Asher asked if we could do some painting so we grabbed some paints and used cotton swabs as our painting tool today. For another mindfulness experience to help self regulation and becoming aware of our bodies the children were invited to do some yoga along to ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ on Cosmic Kids (youtube), extending off Kaylee and Ellie playing “We’re going on a birdy hunt” this morning. A small group joined in and LOVED this experience. The children were quoting the story and learning some new poses to go along with the story line.

Our plants have had a massive growth spurt, check out the photos!

Our friend Arlo brought in a story for us to keep about one of his favourite characters BLUEY! We will be reading the story this afternoon. Thank you Arlo and his family!

Enjoy your afternoon,

Miss TJ and Miss Otavia x