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Howdy families, we’re back for another fun filled week her in pre kindergarten, we hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Today we started our learning journey on Dinosaurs, as per the children request last week. During group time, Bek asked the children if they could name some dinosaurs themselves, the pre-kindergarten children definitely know what they are talking about, here are the dinosaurs they could name:

  • Tyrannosaurus-rex
  • Brachiosaurus
  • Allosaurus
  • Triceratops
  • Stegosaurus
  • Pterodactyl
  • Diplodocus

Following our discussion Bek showed the class a short video on dinosaurs facts, explaining that dinosaurs lived for billions of years, the video also named a lot more dinosaurs, and might I add they dinosaurs don’t have the easiest pronouncing names.

During activity time we continued to explore dinosaurs through painting, we placed some pictures of dinosaurs on the wall above the easels and the children were able to use these as a guide as they painted their own interpretation of a dinosaur. For this the children had access to Green, Brown, Red and Orange paint. Over on the exploration table was a square piece of grass cut and the container of dinosaurs this activity was a lot of fun to explore.

Miss Tiffany and Miss Bek.