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Welcome to Monday 😊

This morning the children were having so much fun playing outside on the obstacle course, digging for treasures and filling up their wheel burrows with bark, exploring the garden, climbing upside down on the climbing cage and racing on the bikes. While exploring the garden, Ellie noticed a bird’s nest that had maybe been blown down from the tree from the strong winds we had yesterday.

During morning group time Ellie showed off the bird’s nest to the class. We had a discussion on how the birds nest came about and why birds make nests. It was great to here the children’s prior knowledge about what birds eat and how they lay their bird eggs and feed their chicks. We wanted to see how birds use their beaks to create the nests, so we used the power of technology to help us further investigate. We researched a clip on You Tube that showed us how a hummingbird used thin straw like material from plants and a spider wed to seal the nest. We watched on as the clip showed a variety of different bird’s nests from around the world. The children were amazed. Even Miss TJ was amazed!

We extended more on the nests by taking a walk outside to collect twigs, leaves and other natural items into little bags and then brought our collection inside to create our very own birds’ nests. They used glue to help them stick their collection all together onto a piece of paper. It was great seeing the different ideas and creativity come through on the children’s artwork.

Pre-K brought out the cars and car town mat, role played hairdressers at the salon and engaged in free drawing with the thick pencils. Next up we gathered on the mat to read Milly’s story of the London Red double decker bus which she got in London on her trip there at the start of the year. Thank you for sharing Milly 😊

Thank you Miss Hayley, for our wonderful Yoga lesson today. The children were very focused and new exactly what to do! Well done Pre-K.

Miss TJ and Miss Maddi xx