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Good Afternoon Families,

This morning the children engaged in some imaginary play activities in the sandpit. They used the pipes as telescopes and imagined that they were pirates searching the seas for treasure. Some of the children extended on this play by creating treasure areas with the toys. There was much excitement expressed between the group as they came together to explore the yard.

Outdoors, the children participated in martial arts again with Mr. Daniel. The continued memorising actions that aim to develop their hand/eye coordination.

Indoors, we focused on Valentines Day activities including drawings of loved ones, collage and letter games. The letter games were expanded upon as the children were shown their names for writing practice. This will be an ongoing activity we implement in the room to build upon the children’s name recognition abilities, as well as their fine motor skills.

Tomorrow begins Chinese New Year. We briefly discussed the concept of Chinese New Year in our group time, however will begin activities tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy the photos –

Amy & Jess