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Welcome to Thursday’s Blog 😊

The Pre Kindy children were having so much fun exploring together around the playground especially through the trees and the garden searching for bugs and cocoons. Marlie found an old cocoon stuck on the tree and then her and a group of friends had conversations about the insects and bugs. We were having such a great time outside that we thought we would continue our activities for the day in the outdoors.

Today is Red Nose day where we get silly for a serious cause. Every dollar raised on Red Nose Day helps stop little lives being cut short and ensures every grieving family gets the support they need. It was great seeing all of the families and children’s support towards the cause dressing up in red with cute little red noses. The children participated in a red collage experience using red glue and other sorts of red materials to collage their red paper. Miss Livia even found some red paint for the children who wanted a red nose like their friends.

We had Arakan Martial Arts with Mr Ben today who grabbed the children attention very quickly. They enjoyed playing a few games and practicing a few routines.

After a big play exploring together, we made our way inside for a group time with Miss TJ. A conversation came up with a group of children talking about the difference between letters and numbers, so we decided to focus on a few numeracy songs and then singing along to ABC before reading an great Alphabet Aboriginal story. We focused on the sounds that letters make and what the numbers look like counting with our fingers.

Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx