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Happy Pajama Day Pre-Kindy Families!!!

Today we started our morning welcoming our friends with their wonderful pajamas, great work friends you all look amazing!! We had, Elsa, Paw patrol, Unicorn, Space Ships and so many different themes, super fun!!

After playing a lot in the yard outside, jumping and challenging each other on the obstacle course, driving bikes, going through the tunnel and forming a huge traffic jam (yes traffic jam) we made the transition to our room. They had a very nice stretching moment and with their bodies relaxed we started our group time.

For our group time we had a funny book that our friend Hendrix brought “Mum don’t fart” OMG they laughed and laughed and laughed!Thanks Hendrix

In our morning tea we had a surprise, we had a very special hot chocolate with marshmallows , yummy!!! Miss Livia cut some straws and they used them to drink their hot chocolate, the feeling was as if they were in a real Cafe.

But the happiest moment of the day was our dance class! Yes, Miss Jenny is back and we put all our energy out doing various dance solos, what a talent these children have !!
Maia said: I’m dancing like Emma (wiggles).
Arlo said: Look how I keep twirling.

We then went back inside and we started our activity time. They then asked again if they could play with the new classroom toys: the magnetic shapes and the wooden nuts and bolts and they did it, they had so much fun! Ellie said: I am making a house for my mum and Chihiro said I am doing an ice-cream shop! Also we did some planned activities to develop their fine motor skills like cutting recycled paper, coloring and placing the rubber bands on a peg board and some other spontaneous experiences.

In the afternoon they had a lot of outdoor play to shake and run off all the “hot chocolate energy” and can I say they had a blast.

We hope to see you on the next pajama day!!

Lots of love Miss Livia and Miss Shanaya 🙂