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  Good Afternoon

Today we marked off the 17th of December on our Santa countdown calendar, which means 8 days until CHRISTMAS!! This morning we read ‘The Night Before Christmas’, focusing on sitting like Listening Lucy. We listen with our eyes, ears, mouths, and bodies. The group sat so beautifully and were really engage in the story. They are getting so excited for Christmas.

During activity time we had so much fun doing Christmas collage craft and playing with the red play dough with small wooden sticks, making all sorts of things such as mermaids, octopus and cupcakes.The children enjoyed listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas album while exploring the classroom’s experiences. We also had a few request for face painting!

Thank you Mr Dan for a great Arakan Martial Arts lesson which we decided to have inside due to the rain. We focused on hand eye coordination today!

Before lunch we listened to relaxing music and practiced some belly breathing while admiring the Christmas lights that we hung up this morning. This gave us the chance to relax our bodies and take a moment from the day to reflect and get rid of any monsters inside our bodies.

Have a wonderful afternoon 🙂

Miss TJ and Miss Deb xx