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Pre K’s Thursday Blog

We have some adventurers in our Pre-Kindergarten class who were investigating the sandpit this morning, using cups and shovels to collaborate together in creating a special meal for the teachers. A few friends also enjoyed playing games on the grass hill where they can stand on the very top of the world to see the traffic going past our kindy and the world around them.

The children transitioned nicely inside to participate in belly breathing, laying down on the mat with their hands on their belly. This helps us to get rid of our silly, sad, crazy ,mad monsters inside our bodies so we can focus at group time. It did the trick, we were sitting beautifully like ‘listening lucy’ focused on Miss TJ. Maia chose to sing ‘Skinner Marinky’, Arlo chose ‘Taba Naba’ and Chihiro chose to sing ‘ABC’ which we clapped along to. Miss TJ then read us a class favourite, ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ using the white board and cut out pictures of the characters and other props. To transition off to morning tea and then activity time the children had a go at writing the letter O on the white board. The class really seem to enjoy this type of transition as they have been starting to show more interest in letters. They all did a fabulous job!

We had indoor/outdoor choice. Outside we had Arakan Martial arts with Mr Dan. The group were also very engaged in a group experience where we were observing the water from the water pump and how it wasn’t running down the stream properly because of all the bark and sand blocking the way. Miss TJ listened to their discussions and was very impressed by their determination to clear the stream. They told Miss TJ what equipment they would need and we gathered spades, cups and brushes, then working together as a team to complete the task. After a while of digging and clearing we tested the water pump and watched the water run all the way through to the drain. Well done Pre Kindy we are so proud of your efforts!

Inside the children enjoyed free play with the cars, doll house, home corner and having a go at writing their names on the white board, since a lot of them enjoyed writing letter O this morning. Check out their great work!

Hope you all had a wonderful day,

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx