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Good Afternoon Families,

Due to the wet weather we were unable to explore the yard this morning.

Therefore throughout the course of the morning the children have engaged in a variety of activities in the Pre-Kindy classroom. This has included rotated table activities that both the children (CI) and educators (TI) have setup and initiated. Table activities have included water colour painting, block building and construction blocks (toy hammers, nails and screws sets), magnets and puzzles.

Planned activities (P) that have been actioned during the day have involved sensory play with wooden buttons, counting activities with an introduction to Chinese numbers (E), and recreational sport.

Additionally, we had our incursion today which was hosted in the Kindergarten 1 classroom (P). The incursion focused on teaching the children about teeth health through a interactive presentation that included songs, dance and costumes. The children responded positively to this incursion, appearing to particularly enjoy the dance portions of the show. The show informed the children about teeth cleaning practices, foods that help build strong teeth, and the process of loosing teeth. We will revise the key points of this show with the children over the coming weeks, as it closely relates to our current learning topic referred to as Physical Me (children learn about body parts and senses, etc) (E. February).

At group time we introduced a card game of SNAP! to the class (TI). This linked to the children’s learning about healthy choice foods from the show (E). The cards were themed into different food groups; and the children practiced revising their turn-taking skills by waiting for their turn and acknowledging when to SNAP! for the cards in an appropriate manner.

Lastly we noticed yesterday afternoon that the children desired to read and watch the nursery rhyme “The Gingerbread Man”. To follow up on this interest (E 17.2.21) we read the storybook together for circle time. The children interacted with this story by enacting different actions explained in the book. There was much enthusiasm expressed during the story time. Next week will plan to include activities that relate to nursery rhyme stories.

We hope you enjoy the photos.

Amy, Parminder and team.