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Happy Thursday Families,

Today was all about self-select and letting the children focus solely on their interests, this gives educators an opportunity to get to know each child. As we sat on the mat for group time Bek asked the children what they would like to explore today. The tepee was a clear choice, with only 3 children in the tepee at a time the children were able to extend on their turn taking skills and also have some quiet relaxing time to themselves. The tepee was a great place for some quiet reading and puzzles. We reused the paint from yesterday and set up the easels ready to go. The children extended on agency as they clipped up their own piece of paper and then put their painting to dry on the drying rack when finished, they also were able to pop on their aprons with little assistance. The children thoroughly enjoyed the magic sand yesterday and requested to continue exploring it today, so on the table it went along with some playdough utensils. This was a great sensory experience.

We had a lot of fun in home corner, cooking up a storm and playing restaurants. The children really enjoyed dressing up and exploring other identities.

How lucky were we that the rain stayed away today. Today the children explored the balance beam on the veranda, we turned it into a see-saw and the children were able to ride it 4 at a time. Mr Dan made an appearance today for our weekly Arakan lesson, we split the class into 2 groups and warmed up with a game of simon says, before running from one end of the treehouse to the other. Next we practiced blocking our heads before working on our kicks into the focus pad.

We also had a lot of fun jumping in the mud puddles the rain formed last night. We added the trucks and dinosaurs to the mix and enjoyed exploring our natural environment. We also explored Bikes, Sandpit, Mud kitchen, drawing and puzzles.

Thanks for a wonderful day today,
Miss Bek and Miss Dom.