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Happy Thursday 😊

Welcome to October! This morning a large group of the children were enjoying the shade of the tree by the kitchen outside, using the pots and pans and experimenting with the bark and sand. Miss TJ grabbed a large bucket of water for the children to add into their creations. It was such a lovely morning observing the children sharing their kitchen tools and working together to create. Marlie, Kaylee, Ivy and Tate said that they were making bird food for the birds that visit our yard every day.

We came inside to read another Monkey Manners story called ‘Excuse Me’ as this is something that we have been working on with the children, to say excuse me when we do things like burp or instead of interrupting someone who is talking. The children wanted to show their families how well we can sing our new songs that we have learnt over the past few weeks, so we decided to film them singing ‘Wind the bobbin up’. We transitioned to morning tea singing ‘Bee, Bee Bumble Bee’.

For activity time we opened the door for the children to play indoors or outdoors. Inside the children explored ink stamps, construction building with a new activity where they use clips and small planks to join together to build, building with the large blocks, role playing shop keepers in the home corner and playing with the cars on the town mat. Outside the children enjoyed cooling down with the water play trough which had ocean animals in, going on an senses hunt to see what we could see, smell, touch, taste and hear and joining in on Arakan Martial Arts with Mr Dan.

Before lunch and a rest, we read a story called ‘Ping learns to share’ which the children really enjoyed. At the end we discussed and shared what our favourite part of the story was.

Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon 😊

Below is our daily routine just in case any of you would like to see what times we do things during the day at kindy:

9:00- Morning Group Time/Morning Tea (This is always a fun group time where we sing songs/dance/stretch, welcome everyone to kindy, share our show and tell and where we do a lot of our learning and extensions off of our learning

10:00- Activity Time (Planned and Spontaneous/Children’s choice of experiences)

11:30/12- Group Time/ Lunch Time (Preparing our bodies for lunch and rest time we usually do some belly breathing and a story time. The children have lunch and are then encouraged to make their beds)

12/12:30- Rest Time (Children are encouraged to rest and relax their bodies. If children do not sleep they are offered books/quiet activities on their beds)

1:30- Quiet Table activities

2:30/3:00- Outside play and Afternoon Tea

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xxx