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Happy Thursday!

This week is just flowing by so fast. Pre-K had a great morning play, especially enjoying story time warming up in the sun. For our morning group time we sang ‘Taba Naba’ before acknowledging the country. It is our friend Maia 4th birthday today. We celebrated by singing Happy Birthday and hearing about what Maia is going to do for her birthday which she said she would be having dinner with her family. After our morning tea we practiced our self-help skills by washing up our plates in soapy water with a cloth. Our our activities today we planned a few experiences and also asked the children especially our birthday friend Maia, what we would like to do.

Maia asked if we could do painting today so Miss Livia grabbed all the beautiful paint colours and brushes for some free painting. We also planned a Science experience for SCIENCE WEEK which focused on our previous learning of protecting our oceans. The theme for science week is Deep Blue: Innovations for the future of our oceans. To extend off the theme and our learning we created sensory bottles. This also ties in with our mindfulness experiences as sensory bottles are very calming. we used oils, blue food colouring, water, recycled bottles from our collection, sparkles and more sparkles. The children loves experimenting with how much of each item we should put into the bottles. They look great! While creating the bottles with Miss TJ we had lots of back and forth discussions on what we want to the ocean to look like in the future.

A small group also chose to go to Arakan Martial Arts outside with Mr Dan playing running races and hand eye coordination games. The children inside chose to race around the cars on the cardboard track and free painting. We then all headed outside to run around and make our delicious cupcakes for Maia’s birthday.

This afternoon Miss TJ’s “twin sister” Miss Nancy read ‘The Gingerbread Man’ story before we had a disco dress up party!

Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon,

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx