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Happy Thursday 😊

This morning Tanner, Oli and Willow were using the pipes to stack tall towers before rolling one of the pipes towrds the towers to knock it over. Playing a cause and effect game, watching what happens when they roll the pipe towards the tower. Ellie and Ivy were cooking up a storm over by the kitchen set, enjoying the environment under the tree.

Coming inside, we read ‘I am a living thing’ to follow up on our lastest discussions and learning on taking care of our planet and being aware of the environment around us. We learnt that living things are things that move, grow and change. They all need air, food, water and homes.  With this information the children put their hands up to have a guess at what could be a living thing. Oli said “Animals”, Arlo said “Plants” and Ellie said “People”. While flicking through the book we spoke about small and large living things. Zander said “Whales are a big living thing”, which then brought on the discussion on where Whlaes live and what they eat. The children are still so curious about the ocean creatures which is amazing to extend further on our learning. We then researched a clip on whales to help answer our questions. The children loved observing really footage of the whales blowing water out of their blow holes and opening their big wide mouths to eat crill.

Today we decided to enjoy the treehouse for activity time. We set up a chalk board to encourgae the children to write the first letter of their names since a few friends have shown a great interest in lteracy. The children were exicted to play around in the water tray filled with shells, water, ocena animals and rope (as the children love role playing saving the animals). An easel was set yup for some crayon drawing, the car mat and box of cars were placed in one section as Hendrix asked for cars to be out and a mat for relaxing and reading was also set out. It was great playing in the tree house, breathing in the fresh air. Before lunch we played around the yard, climbing in and over the climbing cage, racing each other on the grass and learning a new ball game that Miss Livia taught us.

Have a great day

Miss TJ, Miss Livia and Miss Shanaya x