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Welcome to Thursday

BOOK WEEK has been so much fun this week. This morning we were again wowed by the amazing effort everyone has gone to in dressing up as their favourite characters from a book. We had two Rapunzel’s, three Elsa’s, Two Paw Patrol characters, Two Where’s Wally characters, Two princess/ballerinas, Lightening Macqueen and Miss TJ was dressed as the Lion from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Today we were blessed with some rain to water our gardens and cool down the yard before we got a chance to run around outside and explore.

We had a lovely group time where a few friends chose songs to sing as a group and then we called the role. Pre K are getting really good at singing out that they are here or good morning when Miss TJ calls our their names. We read Milly’s Rapunzel story and then transitioned off to activities by doing our new favourite transition, high 5, fist bump or hugs to Miss TJ.

Today for activity time the children were super excited to see a Hairdresser station set up with Salon tools that Miss Nads bought for our classroom. Just four friends at a time took turns to role play the Hairdresser/barber or the customer. Even Miss TJ got a new style at the Salon with really great service. As requested by Pre Kindegarten when we brainstormed ideas for Halloween, today we made Monsters! We used glue, googly eyes, coloured paper and scissors to help us create a scary but totally adorable monster. To continue the Monster fun we made a Monster Jump course where the children had to line up their feet with the Monster feet on the ground jumping front, side and other side. It was a great gross motor development experience for our children, plus it was a lot of fun! On the small world table we placed bugs/snakes and insects for the children to role play with to start getting into the creepy crawlies of Halloween.The children also enjoyed home corner, team building while constructed ramps and bridges for the cars and playing the Halloween character match card game.

Before lunch we read a few of our Book Week stories and then enjoyed a run around in the yard before buckets of rain fell.

Hope you all enjoy your afternoon,
Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx