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Happy Thursday 🙂

Today we had a lovely group time where the children told us what they would like to do for the day and we sang our hearts out to Colours of Australia learning the second verse. For activity time we put out paints with wooden paddle pop sticks as our painting tool. We recently used these paddle pop sticks for a play dough experience and chose to REUSE them for art. Another sustainable idea! A few children asked to build with the magnet shapes and also with the wooden nuts and bolts. They are getting so clever at building new things each day and are so proud of their achievements. We are so proud of the children! Arakan Martial Arts with Mr Dan is always a blast. Today we focused on hand eye coordination, catching a throwing and learning our left and rights. We enjoyed doing our Martial Arts lesson outside in the fort so much that we decided to continue to play outside, playing ball games, building castles with the blocks and role playing stories in small groups around the yard.

For our second group time to calm our bodies down before our lunch we learnt a new song called ‘Taba Naba’ which is a song originated from the Torres Strait Islands. The Wiggles sing Taba Naba on their show. Taba Naba is a song about going to the reef. We listened to the song and then copied the wiggles for the actions. Oliver made his own action too (check out the last video) which the children acknowledged and joined in with Oliver. Pre Kindy children are really enjoying learning new songs! We then read one of Miss Leesa stories called ‘I don’t like eating the colour green’ which had all the children engaged and discussing trying new foods. The Pre Kindy children have been encouraging each other to try the different foods and meal times as they might like it!

Have a wonderful night

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx