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Welcome to Thursday’s Blog

This morning we read another Cheeky Monkey Manners story which focused on Turn Taking. We had a discussion on what turn taking is about and how we can use kind words to take turns. Miss TJ and Ellie even role played how to ask for a turn of a toy. As the day went on we made sure that we were taking turns and sharing with our friends. The children love our new songs to get use focused for the day. Especially Wind the Bobbin Up.

For activity time we decided to enjoy our new and improved classroom which has expanded on a few of our favourite learning environments. At one of the tables we did a 5 Sense craft where the children had a go at tracing their hands and then gluing pieces of materials with different textures onto each finger. The children then used describing words to tell us what each piece felt like.

The children chose cars, blocks, home corner, farm animals and exploring our sensory table. A few small groups went outside for our Arakan Martial Arts lesson, moving and warming up their bodies while practicing a couple of routines. Miss TJ also took a small group over to the garden to water and care for the plants that were looking a bit thirsty. It started to become quite warm so we cooled off by spraying water mist over us! Miss Livia played a game inside where the children had to jumping through or climb under the hoola hoop. This was a great turn taking game!

The group enjoyed an Eric Carle story called Papa please get the moon for me audio story, while we calmed our bodies down ready for lunch and rest time. We had a delicious burger lunch with salads and then were all super exhausted and had a rest.  In the afternoon we made our way over to the slides playground and celebrated our friend Ellie’s birthday which is this weekend.

Hope you all had a wonderful afternoon 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Livia