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Welcome to Thursday’s Blog 😊
This morning the children were showing off their dance moves doing the Floss, trying to get that little bit further on the monkey bars and catching lady bugs and setting them free.

For group time we sang People all around the world and then extended on our learning on our senses. Yesterday the children explored the sense of touch taking their shoes off and feeling the different textures out in the yard. Miss Vee (our art teacher) introduced our sense of smell as we focused the lesson on smelling different smells. Today we spoke about all our senses of touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste. We imagined an ice cream in front of us, talking about the what we could see, smell etc. The children were interacting and engaging themselves in the activity and loved using their imagination.

For today’s activities we decided to further explore our sense with a messy play experience, which also follows on from our fun experimenting with ingredients. Miss TJ and a small group mixed corn flour, a bit of water and food colouring into a bucket which made a gooey goop. The class couldn’t wait to have their turn, with a few of them a bit unsure of the texture and others wanting to dive their whole body into the bucket. Pre-Kindergarten had fun playing in the classroom this morning, asking to play the piano, create some pictures with pens, collage, scissors and glue, and play with the new Recycling Truck that Miss TJ brought in today. We had to make sure we were using our manners with each other, asking for a turn and making sure that everyone shares and has a go. Pre-K work on this everyday and it is so lovely to observe the children discussing turn taking and being so polite. Yesterday afternoon we set up a pretend play hair/make up salon as we have noticed a few children role playing doing each other’s hair and make up with paint brushes. We are extending on their interest by getting out a big mirror, paper with coloured circles on them as the colours and the hair dressing set.

A few friends made their way over to Arakan Martial Arts with Mr Dan 😊 They are getting so good at knowing and doing the routines.

Before lunch we read an indigenous story called, I Have.

Wishing you a great afternoon 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx