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Good Afternoon Families,

Outdoors the children practiced climbing, balancing and swinging using various areas of the yard space to challenge themselves and play with others. During this time the children develop their social and gross motor skills, whilst learning how to negotiate the play areas safely.
Additionally, Mr. Daniel from martial Arts visited the centre today so all the Pre-Kindy children were able to engage in some training time which helps build upon their spatial awareness and coordination abilities.

Indoors, we had story time as we received two new books that focus on emotions (Anger and Worry).

While reading these stories the children were invited to share their feeling experiences; and Ms Amy also provided verbal examples to the children in relation to using words to say to express how we feel to friends (particularly in moments where they are upset, angry or frustrated). The children were encouraged to try this themselves in conversations with each other, and some independently used red/green choice language in their enactment.

We also continued with counting practiced as we setup some activities to practice developing this knowledge. This included playdough mats, Lego mats and block play.

Thank you – Ms Amy & Ms Lara