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Happy Thursday 😊

Welcome back Harvey and Chihiro!

This week is Reconciliation week which is a time to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and the ongoing contributions they make to Australian society. It encourages everyone to take pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and people, in their strengths and their connection to culture. This morning for our group time we watched a short clip on ‘What is Reconciliation week?’. We had a group discussion on the topic and the children shared their knowledge on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. To extend off our learning Miss Emma brought in a special colouring in page to recognise the Reconciliation week which the children coloured in with crayons. It was a great activity for the children as it challenged them to colour in the lines.

During activity time Miss Livia invited Harvey, Chihiro and Colton over to plant their seed into their cup full of cotton wool for our latest project to extend off ‘ways to save the planet’. The children have been enjoying our cut and paste activities this week. Today the children wanted to cut the pizza toppings and place them on their pizza, just like yesterday. They are becoming more and more confident to use the scissors and are getting really good at holding the scissors with their thumbs on top and elbows by their side.  To involve some natural items into our room we set up a table with a basket full of rocks, leaves, shells, bark and other natural things to smell touch and feel. The children really enjoyed using their creativity and imagination to play with the items, using them in different ways such as rolling them up in a mesh material piece, lining them up in a row and balancing them on top of each other.  The class enjoyed exploring the rooms activities and role playing games with each other. Miss Livia also invited the children to listen and watch an Aboriginal group doing a traditional dance. The children copied some of the dance moves and played the clap sticks along to the beat.

Before lunch we made our way outside for a run around the yard, burning off some energy!

Please collect your newsletter of the month from your child’s bag 😊

Thank You

Miss TJ and Miss Livia x