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Busy Bees in the Pre Kindergarten class room!

Welcome to Thursday! This morning we enjoyed a movement and music session on the group mat with Miss TJ. We started off with singing ‘Colours of Australia’ loud and proud before receiving a request to dance along to ‘The Wombat Wobble’ which is a new class favourite because we get to pretend that we are animals and can dance like no ones watching.

We headed straight to activity time as we wanted to make most of the morning. Tanner and Arlo asked if we could watch a “recycling truck video” so we put the computer on one of the table for small groups to visit and watch ‘Blippi’ (an educational clip) who showed us all the parts and names on the recycling truck and where the recycling goes. Children’s voice: Hendrix- “Taking all the rubbish off”. Tanner- “Oh that’s cool. Woooh!”. Arlo- “It’s reversing”. Bonnie- “Blippi’s dumping garbage”. Extending our recycling learning we decided that it would be a great idea to do a group project of making a recycling truck. Miss TJ drew the base of the truck and then Marlie, Kaylee, India and Maia helped draw the person driving the truck, the ladder and the wheels. We made sure to add the recycle symbol. Groups of children then engaged in painting the truck. They chose green and black to cover it. It looks amazing and we cant wait to add more to it over the next week. Pre Kindergarten also enjoyed playing a dinosaur numeracy game, sorting the rubbish into the correct bins, doing Frozen yoga on the mat, shopping in the home corner, sorting and using the tongs with the colourful animals and reading books over by the couch and pillows. A small group also work with Miss TJ to build a castle out of recycling. The group was very clever using their imagination to make a bridge, a bedroom with a bed and blanket and the kitchen. There are so many ways we can reuse items for play.

Pre-Kindy then headed outside to enjoy some fresh air and the warm sun before having lunch and a rest 🙂

Have a great afternoon,

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx