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Happy Happy Thursday Friends and Families

What a wonderful, bright, sunshiny day it was today for Pre-Kindergarten to enjoy the outdoors! We welcome a new friend to our classroom, Marana who was super excited to meet her classmates and explore the outside playground. Pre Kindy were also keen to head out to our big playground as they haven’t been able to play out there for a couple of days due to the tree’s having a safety check. This morning they lined up for the monkey bars, giving it their best shot and were super proud of their efforts. The sand pit was the place to be as the children also enjoyed digging in the sand and filling up the dump trucks.

It was then time to come inside and have our morning group time where Marana introduced herself to her class and the children had an opportunity to ask questions to Marana. Marlie asked “What’s your favourite animal” and Marana replied saying, “Tiger”. Hendrix said “what’s your favourite colour” which Marana replied saying “purple”. It was great hearing the children’s questions and getting to know our new friend who was super confident coming up and talking to everyone. We then sang our Hello, Wheels on the Bus and Taba Naba which we focused on learning the lyrics to. While singing along to the song we could see everyone involving themselves and really enjoying singing in the mornings.To transition to morning tea we played the numeracy song game called Currant Buns in the baker shop.

For activity time the children chose to play either outside or inside. Inside the children chose to do dramatic role play with the office resources, building homes, towers and bedrooms using the recycled items and exploring the small world play with the farm animals and natural items such as rocks, leaves etc. Outside, the group were playing ball games in small teams, transferring water from the water pump in buckets and cups to the sand pit to experiment with and also had our Arakan Martial Arts lesson with Mr Dan.

Thank you to Ellie and Kaylee who brought in books for us to read at group time before our lunch and a rest! We love books!

Have a wonderful afternoon,

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx