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Happy Thursday and the 3rd of December 😊

Today the weather was a bit cooler so we were able to have a long play outside. This morning we enjoyed the Christmas tunes playing in the background, mixing all sorts of things from the yard in the sandpit and running around together. We also met our new friend Floyd who started with Pre-K today. During our morning group time, Floyd introduced himself to the class and we reminded the class to keep an eye on Floyd and make sure we invite him to play with us through out the day. We also marked down a day on our Santa’s beard countdown using cotton balls to mark off the 3rd of December.

For activity time the children helped us to put the icing on our cookies for this afternoons Christmas Party. The children also chose magnet letters and the white boards, free drawing and mindfulness colouring in pages, puzzles and home corner. Our classroom is looking very festive with our very own Christmas tree that we put up as a team yesterday afternoon. Miss Deb also had a group listening on a few stories.

Mr Daniel also came in for our Arakan Lesson up in the tree house and we also had a chance to have another play outside in the sandpit and shaded areas.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Christmas Party this afternoon 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Deb xxx