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Warm Pacific greetings to all our friends and families in Pre Kindy

Oh, what a terrific Tuesday we have all had, we started our morning enhancing our gross motor skills while exploring our outstanding outdoor learning environment. We ran, rided bikes, played on the monkey bars, went up and down on the slides and played ball with the “blue” ball that Mr. Nick brought for us.
Shortly after, we had a group time where we talked about respect. We enjoyed sharing our thoughts and ideas
Ellie said: we have to listen our parents and Miss Livia and Miss TJ
Millie said: we have to respect our friends
Emerson said: We have to respect our animals tanking care of them
Looks like they are all understanding our new topic RESPECT! We have a lovely and smart group here in pre kindy, thats so good!!
We spend lots of energy outside, so we transitioned to our indoor space and had a delicious morning tea.
In Pre Kindy, we enjoy discovering different ways to be creative and expressive, today we enjoyed painting alongside our friends. Miss Livia gave us one canvas and we made a surprise for Miss TJ as she was away today, that was a creative arts learning experience for us, as we used our hands and some collage. Also we painted our very own paper dolls!
In addition, our home corner was a hive of activity, our friends enjoyed dressing up and engaging in imaginative exploration this afternoon.
We loved constructing with wooden blocks and developing our turn-taking and sharing skills through a game we played where we had to pass a variety of multi coloured toys to our friends.
To finish our day we sang some songs and pretend that we were in a bus singing “Weels on the bus”.
Keep up the amazing work Pre Kindy, we are immensely proud of you!

Love and light

From Miss Livia and Stacey