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Welcome to Tuesday’s Blog

What a lovely morning play we had welcoming each other into kindy as friends arrived. Our friend Jake was walking to kindy with his Dad when a group of Pre K children noticed him and called out “Hello Jake”. It was such a nice welcome!

Once we came inside, we split the class in half with children having morning tea at the tables and the other group joining on the group time mat to sing some songs and stretch out bodies. It was super nice to enjoy each other company in a smaller group to engage in Miss TJ’s music and movement lesson. 

It was then time to move onto indoor/outdoor chose of play. Inside the children chose to play with the playdough and playdough tools, free painting with all of the colours of the rainbow, free drawing with our pens and Marlie’s special gel pens that she brought in to share with her classmates, role playing shop keepers in the home corner and building roads with the large blocks to drive the cars along.Outside we explored the sandpit, finding bugs! We even found an insect that had found a spider to eat. The children were amazed by the insect carrying the spider under his belly and taking it up the large tree, we think to its home. Kaylee asked if we could bring out the dress ups so we brought out the big bucket of costumes and danced a long to some of our favourite songs.

Just before lunch we came inside to read ‘The Pocket Dogs’ which was such a sweet story that grabbed all of the children’s attention. The Pre-K children are having a nice rest and will be excited to hear that we are going to the ‘slides playground’ this afternoon. 

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ, Miss Livia and Miss Danica x