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Welcome to Tuesday’s Blog

It has been so lovely to see all of the children really engaged in their experiences today and interacting positively with each other. This morning we warmed up our bodies by running around the yard and playing in the sunshine. Once inside in the warm room we joined together on the mat to sing ‘Skinner Marinky’ -chosen by Maia and ‘Colours of Australia’-chosen by Arlo, who both came up in front of the class to sing and a show us the actions. Miss TJ then read ‘The Wrong Way’ for story time.

The children had the choice to freely play inside or outside today during activity time. Miss TJ made a fresh batch of playdough for one of the tables which also had blank face templates for the Pre Kindy children to us their imagination to create facial features out of the dough to place the face mat. As the children have been enjoying cut and paste experiences lately, we placed the newspapers, scissors, glue, and paper on the table to reuse the magazines for a collage craft. Inside, the group also enjoyed construction building with the small and large Lego, playing a game of ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’ but Disney Princess version that Milly Shared with us from her birthday. It was lots of fun, thank you Milly!

Outside the children were encouraged to challenge their gross motor skills, climbing and balancing along the obstacle course. This week we will be focusing on gross motor experiences as we want the children to practice skills like throwing, catching, jumping, climbing, balancing and challenging themselves with the goal to achieve their challenge.

Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon and if you would like to share any suggestions for games to challenge gross motor then please share with Miss TJ or Miss Livia.


Miss TJ and Miss Livia 😊 xx