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Happy Tuesday 😊

Today we started off our day calling the roll and then joining in on a group time where we introduced our new friend Emi into Pre Kindy and read our friend, Rosie’s story that she brought in to share.

For our activity time today, we opened up our classroom for the children to choose to play indoors or outdoors since it was such a beautiful warm day. We can definitely feel summer approaching! The friends that chose to go outside firstly put some sunscreen on and their hats before exploring the climbing equipment, experimenting with the water and sand and racing around on the bikes. The children have shown a great interest in cars and constructing ramps and road for them to drive along. Today we extended on this interest by taking our cars outside and used large blocks and planks to build tracks for our cars. There was a lot of problem-solving skills being tested where the children had to figure out what height their blocks needed to be and how to connect them all together.

Inside we played our touch and feel game from yesterday where the children used their sense of touch to feel different textures beneath their feet. They absolutely love this experience and are enjoying our extensions on our senses. The group also enjoyed drawing with our special pens, role playing school bus using our chairs and dress ups and putting together puzzles.

We had a great stretch of our bodies before listening to an audio story on ‘The three billy goats gruff’. It was then time to practice some self-help skills by making our beds before our delicious lunch!

Have a wonderful day,

Miss TJ and Miss Livia 😊 xx