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Happy Tuesday 😊

We have such a lovely big class on Tuesdays. Pre Kindergarten had so much fun exploring in the yard this morning cooking and making a fire over by the kitchen. The group picked leaves off the tree providing shade for them and added the leaves and sticks to their cooking and fire. Some children also enjoyed moving the bark around in the dump trucks and tipping the bark into a new area. There were a few children enjoying gross motor activities such as jumping off the rock wall into the sand pit, balancing over the obstacle course and throwing bean bags into the wooden tubes.

We came inside for a morning stretch and to sing ‘Colours of Australia’ together in a circle, focusing on learning the lyrics for the first verse and chorus again. This morning Miss TJ was listening in to William and Kaylee’s conversation and it went like this:

Kaylee- “Oh did you get a haircut William”

William- “Yes I did. Kaylee I’m going to the dentist with Dad today and they going to check my teeth”

Kaylee- “I’m going to get my teeth checked too and a haircut”

Very cute! William has been excited to tell his peers that he will be visiting the dentist over the past week. To extend off their conversation about the dentist we thought we could help prep William and anyone else who may go for a check up by watching a clip of a child visiting the dentist and what to expect. The child showed us that the dentist isn’t scary, and they have some pretty awesome tools that they use to check your teeth. We also got reminded to brush our teeth twice a day.

For activity time today we played a sorting rubbish and recycling game with two bins and some pictures of rubbish. One bin had the recycling symbol on it and the items you can recycle and the other bin pictures of all the things that need to go in the garbage bin. The class worked in small groups with Miss Livia to help sort the items into the correct bin. We also had another tracing activity where we encouraged the children to either trace with a pencil or cut along. The children also chose to do the cut and paste recycling activity sheet, role playing in home corner and using their imagination when building with the construction LEGO.

While sitting down for lunch time we listened to ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ audio story.

Have a great day 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx