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Happy Tuesday

Today we start our first official week with the lovely Miss Deb. The children have warmed to her very quickly! This morning the Pre-K children sat in a circle with Miss TJ and Miss Deb to start off with stretching our bodies. The children shared their knowledge of stretching poses that we could all try out. We then grabbed our Halloween pumpkin that we created to pass around the circle and introduce ourselves to Miss Deb and each other and share our favourite food. We all had the giggles as the pumpkin was a little heavy and was rolling around everywhere. We sang some nursery rhymes while clapping along with the clap sticks to our favourites.

After morning tea the group chose a story to enjoy some quiet reading while the educators organised the activities for the day. Including the experiences that the children chose during a morning discussion. While setting up a water play trough just outside our classroom under the cover we noticed a hornet hovering around looking for a place to make a nest. We quickly ran back inside and then this started a discussion on wasps, hornets and bees and their nests. Together we researched a clip that gave us facts on the stinging insects and how they make their nests. On one of the tables we organised the water colour paints and had the pictures of bees, wasps and hornets on a google page for inspiration for our pictures. Seems like the children are really interested in nests as last week we explored birds nests and this week hornets nests. Once the hornet was gone we ventured back outside to enjoy the water play trough full of pool noodle pieces, water bottles and bowls. We used the claps sticks from our morning group time to fish out the noodle pieces. We then encouraged the children to count how many they could collect.  Pre-K also enjoyed home corner doctors and nurses role play, building with the magnet shapes and dancing over on the mat.

In the afternoon our friend Marlie suggested that we do Cosmic Kids Yoga which was so much fun! The Yoga instructor, Jamie tells a story along to some fun and challenging yoga poses.

What a fabulous Tuesday!

Miss TJ and Miss Deb