Welcome to Tuesday’s Blog

Another beautiful August morning it was. The children settled in nicely this morning enjoying the experiences set up outside. They were creating and getting messy in the sandpit, swinging together on the big swing, playing chasey around the tree house and welcoming each other to kindy.

For our first group time we practiced our acknowledgement of country that we learnt yesterday with Miss Lyn.

“Here is the land (arms open wide)
And here is the sky (arms pointing to the sky)
Here are my friends (arms pointing to everyone in the group)
And here am I (arms hugging oneself)

Today is our friend Marlie’s 4th birthday. We sung Happy Birthday along to the music on the piano and then Marlie show and shared a few things that she got for her birthday. Marlie was super excited to share that we would be making cupcakes today!!!

This week we are celebrating SCIENCE WEEK. Today we tried out a prediction experiment where we predicted if an item was going to SINK or FLOAT in water. It was great to hear the children voice and their predictions and then see their amazement of observing the outcome.  We used feathers, a ping pong ball, a rock and a small piece of wood to place into the bowl full of water. The children also had fun combined all the ingredients to make our cupcakes. We focused on looking at measurement and following the steps. Lots of experimenting fun today!

Pre Kindy asked to open the door to have the choice to play indoors or outdoors. Outside in the tree house Miss TJ put on Frozen 2 soundtrack as this Is one of our birthday girl, Marlie’s favourite movie. Kaylee asked if we could bring out Miss TJ’s special dress ups to dance and dress up for the dance Frozen party. We had a great time!

Before lunch we got rid of our monsters doing belly breathing and then read ‘Three little pigs’ and ‘A stack of alpacas’ which was chosen by India and Joseph.

Emerson had a great time at Tennis! He is always very engaged in the instructions and does a great job at the challenges.

We can’t wait to have our delicious cupcakes this afternoon 😊 Happy Birthday Marlie Moo

Lots of love Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx