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Happy September and Happy Spring 😊

It was an amazing first day of Spring with the sun out and warming up our bodies. Pre-K had a glorious morning tea out in the secret garden area which we have been making great use of over the last few days at kindy. It is so lovely to eat our morning tea and watch the cars go past, the birds fly over us and observing and smelling the garden around us.

This morning Ellie and Ivy were using cloths to wipe down and clean one of the bikes outside. We decided to extend on their experience and great idea by setting up a car wash outside with a bucket full of soapy water and more cloths. The children drove the bikes around and then parked them at the car wash for a clean. Water play always gets the children engaged and we loved seeing their concentration and conversations through out the car wash experience. All the Pre-Kindy children chose to play outside and explore the other areas and experiences on offer. Miss Livia set up some playdough on one table under the shade to mould with our hands and extend off our messy play fun. Miss Lyn continued to work on Father’s Day gifts with the children who had not completed theirs yet.

We then came inside for some belly breathing to calm our bodies and get rid of our monsters and a discussion on season in the year started as India told us this morning that she was wearing a butterfly dress for the first day of Spring. We spoke about the other seasons of the year and what happens during those times. Extending on the discussion we listened to and watched a song by Jack Hartman on YouTube about the different Seasons. Miss TJ then read a story that we borrow from Senior Kindy room called Elmer.  The group were engaged and focused on the story which focused on being a good friend and kindness.

To transition to lunch today, the children made their own beds. Once they had finished, they could offer to help another friend which is a kind gesture and being a good friend. The children worked together to problem solve and complete the task. Well done Pre- Kindergarten 😊

Have a great afternoon,

Miss TJ, Miss Livia and Miss Lyn xx